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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes. It really depends. I prefer to develop a relationship with entities and people through one of our classes or programs at Multifamily Warroom or Private Money Rockstar before agreeing to enter into an advisory relationship. Raising money from investors is no joke and therefore, it is in all of our best interests that you are a. educated and b. we are comfortable with each other prior to entering into any type of agreement that builds your business in this manner.  Therefore both programs have an application process prior to entering into an agreement for the purposes of advising on raising capital. 

I post most things on Facebook groups. Look for the Last Life Ever Private Group, the Multifamily Warroom Private Group, and the Private Money Rockstar Private Group for more information.

No. I have decided to give up the practice of law so I could focus on other things including assisting companies with setting up their technology, marketing, and structures for raising capital. If you need a Private Placement Memorandum, Operating Agreements, a Regulation A filing, or any other legal document, please go to Crowdfunding Lawyers to set up a consultation. They will be happy to help you!

Maybe. Use the contact form above and tell me about your podcast or event. 

Some of the topics I can speak on: 

  1. Raising equity for your company. 
  2. Starting a Crowdfunding Platform
  3. Living the best version of your life. (Suggest booking me with Jeff Holst) 
  4. How to invest in commercial real estate. (Suggest booking with Charles Dobens)
  5. Goal Setting.

Yes. Two.

I wrote a book called the Crowdfunding Myth many years ago. At the time, the book was a good book and it is inexpensive. However, it is now out of date and needs a refresh. I believe it is free on Kindle Unlimited. If you would like a copy, and don’t have Kindle Unlimited, I am happy to send you a digital copy for free. Just use the form above. 

I also compiled the Coronavirus Collective with Jeff Holst. This book is awesome. You should buy it as it benefits 4 very deserving charities.

It’s a long story. Maybe someday I will tell it.